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Search Updated 1/27/2015
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News Updated 3/11/2015



Our next SUSA board meeting is April 8th, 8:00 pm.

It will be held in the Habibian Athletic Center on the campus of Dixie State University

Soccer Camp Updated 3/10/2015
                                ELITE PLAYER SOCCER CAMP
                                           JUNE 4TH -6TH
For more information please click here. Soccer Camp

RCL Policy Change Updated 2/17/2015

RCL coaches during our February board meeting the Multiple Roster policy was change as follows. Items 3-7 are new.

Policy 1:05:06

Multiple Roster:

Players may be registered on more than one team sponsored by the SUSA under the following conditions:

  1. Both teams must be in different age brackets and/or gender group, and is only allowed to take place in the RCL league. KICKS and U-10 players may not multiple roster.

  2. Players registering on two teams will pay the normal registration fee for the first team and for the second team the registration fee will be decreased by the amount to be pre-determined by the BOD.

  3. Allow teams U12-U15 the ability to carry 5 multi-rostered players. U16-U18, 6 multi-rostered players.

  4. All teams must carry a minimum of 11 regularly (non multi-rostered players) as a base team.

  5. No team may carry more than 2 multi-rostered players from the same team.

  6. A player may not be multi-rostered within the same division of league play.

  7. No player may multi-roster to more than one team. 

Signing Day Updated 2/21/2015
Southern Utah Youth Soccer is proud of our seniors who have chosen to further their love of soccer and play in college. Congratulations!

Alexa Estridge, Dixie State University
Jessica Ogilive, Dixie State University
Brittany Terry, Concordia University Irvine

Blake Evans, Dixie State University                                               

If you know of other players who have made commitments please email. susaexd@gmail.com

SUSA supports RAP tax Updated 10/29/2014

Mayor Candidate meets with SUSA Updated 10/1/2013

 Jon Pike Meets with SUSA


Steve Kemp, SUSA President
Danny Oritz, SUSA Executive Director

 Southern Utah Soccer Association Gentlemen,

I want to thank you, your board, and other parents and coaches who were so kind to meet with me on Tuesday evening. I learned a lot about youth soccer in St. George.

I am disappointed to hear about the numerous promises on the part of the City to create or help facilitate the creation of adequate soccer facilities for the soccer-playing youth of St. George in past years. I also appreciate the offers to help and the past contributions made by SUSA.

I commit to you that as Mayor, I will elevate the discussion and planning process regarding soccer facilities in St. George. I will take immediate steps with the city council, city management and representatives from SUSA to figure out how best to meet short and long-term needs of the soccer community, including the 3,500+ young people involved with SUSA.

Thanks to SUSA for the countless volunteer hours your coaches, parents, and board members contribute to improving the youth of our community and making St. George a great place to live!

I look forward to meeting with you again soon.

Jon Pike
435-632-6892 Jonathantpike@gmail.com